Splendid Venture Builds and Invests in Market Research, Marketing and Media Companies.

Innovative, sustainable and soulful investments.

Splendid Venture invests in market research, marketing and media start-ups. Our focus is on scalable online business models.

For us, a participation means not only contributing financial resources but also actively participating in the development of a sustainable business model. We coach the founders, establish important contacts, contribute ideas, create a space for creativity and accompany in all important areas of corporate development.

Splendid Venture is solely looking for sustainable investments that do not aim for a short- or medium-term exit. Ideally, we invest in companies in which wholeness, evolutionary sense and self-management are or will be an essential part of the organizational culture.


Splendid Research


SPLENDID RESEARCH is a market research company serving customers from all over the world with online market research. SPLENDID RESEARCH offers access to survey participants from over 70 countries who can be surveyed online or via mobile apps. SPLENDID RESEARCH uses common or advanced self-developed research methods. SPLENDID RESEARCH's customers are small, medium and large companies from the retail, media and service sectors.
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LimeSurvey is the worldwide leading open source survey software offering a professional SaaS solution and a self-hosted Community Edition. LimeSurvey is 100% open source and will always be transparently developed. It is an extremely powerful survey software that is continuously improved by full time developers and a world wide commununity of developers and contributors.


GLOBEGURU is the first platform for user generated advertising. With GLOBEGURU.com, customers post and recommend their favorite restaurants, shops and suppliers on social media and receive automated shopping benefits via digital vouchers.
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